Clinically Intelligent Real Time Risk Reduction

Go Beyond Decision Support

CareTRAK utilizes contextual relevance to analyze your patient, and understands that 150/90 in one patient may be clinically irrelevant - but a medical emergency in another. Add to that the ability to reverse alerts as your patient’s condition changes, and you get the Smart Support of CareTRAK -- not the one dimensional static alerts of other systems.

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Close Gaps in Outpatient Care

In the office or clinic setting, CareTRAK follows patients across visits and knows when one or more of your patients is overdue for a referral or diagnostic screening test. Let CareTRAK...

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Runs with any EMR

CareTRAK was designed as a tool to run transparently in the background -- and can be “plugged in” to any existing EMR. There is no need to replace your existing EMR. Not happy with your EMR? Install veEDIS with CareTRAK and get a full featured EMR with Smart Support powered by CareTRAK.

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Clinical Quality Measures

In addition to a library of evidence-based risk reduction algorithms, CareTRAK also provides decision support for Clinical Quality Measures. With CareTRAK, you’re identifying CQM patients prospectively -- and giving providers clinical prompts to provide treatment that will ensure compliance. Let CareTRAK raise your CQM scorecard!

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Install CareTRAK in your facility now! Whether you’re happy with your current EMR or not, CareTRAK can provide an immediate value above and beyond your current solution.

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CareTRAK Brings Value in any Clinical Arena

The algorithms, messaging and reports capabilities of CareTRAK make it a powerful addition to any clinical arena. Detect risk in acute care environments, close gaps in care in the outpatient setting. Utilize real time messaging to alert ACO care managers. Call us today to discuss how CareTRAK can deliver value to your organization.

Benefits of veEDIS CareTRAK

Like an anti-virus program, veEDIS CareTRAK emerges to alert providers when risk is detected

Alerts are contextually relevant for each patient, and reversible, mirroring the condition of the patient

The CareTRAK broadcast messaging system sends text alerts to third party stakeholders in real time for any risk event

Perform true real time syndromic surveillance

Reports determine who is at highest risk for an adverse outcome, return or readmission

Acute Care / Emergency Department

It's the front door to every hospital: the Emergency Department. It's also chaotic by definition and an inherently high risk environment. Let CareTRAK provide an extra layer of protection for your acute care environment. With contextual relevance and reversible alerts, clinicians will appreciate the clinically relevant information. Managers will appreciate the alerts and reports. Its proven record may even qualify you for a reduction in malpractice premium as a result.

Risk Managers
Hospital Administration

Chronic Care Management / Outpatient

An expanding list of chronic disease require constant management, referrals and follow up. Use CareTRAK to close gaps in care and ensure all required tests and consultations are performed on schedule. Warn providers and case managers when key goals and metrics such as hemoglobin A1c are outside established benchmarks.

Accountable Care Organizations

Use CareTRAK to alert managers to patient movement, such as arrival in or discharge from the Emergency Department. When a disposition is made, alert managers to what that is, the final diagnosis, and required support/supplies if being discharged. Use CareTRAK's powerful algorithms to detect clinical deterioration, and its messaging system to intervene prior to patient deterioration which may require more expensive and aggressive care environments.

Public Health Officials
Physician Staffing

Home Health

Patients are seen and findings documented, but then what? Have the powerful messaging capability of CareTRAK alert supervising clinicians when patients are failing to thrive or deteriorating. Home monitoring weight, glucose, blood pressure? Feed that data into CareTRAK and let algorithms drive nursing visits -- not arbitrarily chosen dates.

Extended Care

In an arena where higher level medical supervision may be intermittent, let the messaging system and reports capabilities of CareTRAK alert senior clinicians to appropriate cases. Monitor documentation to ensure all regulatory requirements are being met with reports -- not exhaustive or random chart audits.

Risk Underwriters