Clinically Intelligent Real Time Risk Reduction

veEDIS CareTRAKReports - A 2nd Layer of Risk Reduction

Identify Patients Discharged at Risk

Reports - A Second Layer of Protection

veEDIS CareTRAK notifies providers real time of patients at risk. But when these patients are discharged, veEDIS CareTRAK Risk Reduction begins a second layer of protection -- with reports.

veEDIS CareTRAK Override Report

Yesterday your department discharged 100 patients home: 4 of them were high risk. What if you could magically identify from that stack of 100 charts -- those exact 4 patients? No paper lists, no data entry, just your "magical report".


The veEDIS CareTRAK Override Report does exactly that. One push of a button and the patients are identified, and all the salient information fromt the case is at your fingertips: patient name, phone number, chief complaint, final diagnosis, clinical findings that placed the patient at risk, Occurrence met and more.

Risk Reduction

By rapidly identifying patients discharged at risk, your risk management team can take action immediately, with pin point accuracy. Quick contact with these patients allows managers to ensure that the patient has not deteriorated -- and get swift intervention underway if they have. By ensuring that timely follow up has been arranged further protection can be put in place. If it hasn't, another opportunity to intervene is made manifest and a "lost to follow up" is prevented, as the pateint's care is placed back on track. Significantly, the ability to document these actions in the chart is yet another powerful action with which to mitigate risk.

Service Recovery

In the event the patient has deteriorated, or is simply dissatisfied, this provides a valuable opportunity to address service recovery and make a dissatisfied patient/customer a satisfied client. That's advertising that cannot be purchased at any price.

Performance Improvement

veEDIS CareTRAK provides PI leaders enormous value as it identifies patients in whom various processes may have broken down or not been followed as designed. Adverse events become "near misses" -- and processes can be improved still further, driving safety still higher as departmental performance continues an "upward spiral" of continous improvement.

Physician groups can utilize the veEDIS CareTRAK Override Report to pull charts for peer review and group consideration and discussion. Reviews of the cited literature can follow. This leads to a natural discussion / refinement of departmental standards and protocols. As physicians share this information in a group, practice moves towards a single standard. Chart review as part of peer review, in turn, makes physicians more deliberate and careful as they see patients. Again, an upward spiral of quality and CPI is driven by the power of veEDIS CareTRAK.

Seek Perfection

In a perfect world, no one discharged from a hosptital would deteriorate and return, and all discharges would be risk free. Until then, let veEDIS CareTRAK's 2 layers of protection drive down risk for your facility with:

  1. Real time evidence based alerts delivered straight to the point of care
  2. Override reports to easily and efficiently identify those patients who are discharged at risk