Clinically Intelligent Real Time Risk Reduction

CareTRAK in the Outpatient Setting

Use CareTRAK to identify and Close Gaps in Care

Quick Overview

In the office or clinic setting, CareTRAK follows patients across visits and knows when one or more of your patients is overdue for a referral or diagnostic screening test. Let CareTRAK save you time as it reviews the chart for you, notifying you when that diabetic is overdue for the A1c and opthalmologic referral. CareTRAK can also remind you if you forgot something required for PQRS - like a missing weight or omitted foot exam. Save time - drive revenue - increase quality.

How It Works - Diabetes Mellitus

As the user opens the patient's record in their EMR, CareTRAK scours the entire chart, looking to see if the patient is overdue for recommended diabetic treatments based on the latest medical evidence. No flipping though pages or multiple screens to "mine" information from the record. CareTRAK saves providers time as it does this real-time on the fly as the chart is opening.

CareTRAK will also warn providers when defined laboratory results are outside established benchmarks. As a real world example, a poorly controlled diabetic lost to follow-up who returns to the office would render the following real-time alert directly within the EMR as the record opens:

With the necessary exams and consult ordered, the provider has now counseled the patient, adjusted the medications, and goes to close the chart. However, the nurse has failed to enter the patient weight:

No problem: CareTRAK's reading the entire chart. Good thing too - as the provider now sees the patient's blood pressure is significantly elevated, and a foot exam was never documented. After administering the patient's morning BP med, which he forgot, and letting him rest for 30 minutes, the nurse documents an improved blood pressure, the provider documents the foot exam and completes the record --now with no warning from CareTRAK. All PQRS quality initiatives met, necessary tests ordered, standards of care upheld!