Clinically Intelligent Real Time Risk Reduction

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer 1:

veEDIS CareTRAK is an intelligent clinical decision support tool designed to plug into any existing electronic medical record. It receives documentation from the companion EMR, but does so quietly in the background as it runs its evidence based algorithms. When an algorithm detects that the documentation indicates significant clinical risk for a patient, a real time alert is provided to the treating clinicians. See Demo

Answer 2:

Traditional EMRs and various reference tools may claim to have clinical decision support (CDS). Unfortunately the term has become so overused as to be almost meaningless. The CDS these systems tout is static and one dimensional, and as a result, providers derive no value. Worse, the generated alerts are "one size fits all," and once triggered remain visible whether clinically appropriate or not. The end result is more "alert fatigue" -- as providers are literally trained to ignore alerts in these systems!

Answer 3:

veEDIS CareTRAK logic is built with "contextual relevance." The best way to describe this is with a simple example. This means that just because a blood pressure is 150/90, which technically is abnormal, you're not going to see an alert for this based on that one value alone. veEDIS CareTRAK will read a multitude of other items about that patient including age, sex, past medical history, other vital signs, etc. -- and then decide if an alert is warranted. When an alert is presented, it's not just "set it and forget it." Patient's conditions change, and veEDIS CareTRAK reversible alerts change along with that condition -- mirroring the status of the patient. See Demo

Answer 4:

An EMR is a big investment for most facilities. Most thought leaders in Informatics belive that CDS is where the return on that investment lies. Why? Because when providers deliver a higher quality of care in a more efficient manner, not only do patients recover faster, their care is less costly. As we move closer every day towards an outcome based system of reimbursement, a high quality CDS tool like veEDIS CareTRAK becomes imperative.

Answer 5:

Absolutely. veEDIS CareTRAK was designed to work with any EMR.

Answer 6:

Absolutely. In fact, the fastest and least expensive way to get veEDIS CareTRAK is to install it with its companion EMR veEDIS.