Clinically Intelligent Real Time Risk Reduction

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CareTRAK - Clinically relevant information delivered to the user

Infectious Disease - Early Warning for Ebola

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The first known case of a patient with Ebola virus in an American facility was missed when Thomas Eric Duncan was discharged from Texas Health Presbyterian Emergency Department in Dallas, Texas. An initial statement released by the hospital indicated that the crucially important travel history documented by the Emergency Department nurse did not, “automatically appear in the physician’s standard workflow.” The video above demonstrates how CareTRAK collects all cricital clinical data and brings it to the provider. Contrast that to the traditional EMR where providers must search out the information, often in disparate locations.

Vendors, hospitals and "build teams" can move items from one screen to another. But that doesn't guarantee the provider will see it. And today it's travel history, but tomorrow it will be another data point. The only real solution is a decision support system that mines the relevant data, puts the pieces of the puzzle together and presents it to the clinician.